Washington D.C. becomes color crazy

February 28, 2013 by  

Washington D.C. is going to be alive in color this May when the Color Run 5K event comes to the city. An experience to remember, it is more about a fun day with friends and family than it is about speed.

Two simple rules apply to this event: Firstly, all runners must wear a white shirt, with a T-shirt being a recommendation. Secondly, they should be ready to be covered in colored powder by the end of the race. This paint phenomenon is a unique race whereas color zones are set along the route and as runners or walkers enter a zone, a specific color of powder is tossed or sprayed on them. As they proceed through the various color zones, there is a different color at each station, hence, they look tie-dyed by the end of the event.

The substance used is non-toxic and completely safe. The texture of corn starch, the powder will not stain hair or skin. It simply covers the runners in bright colors creating laughter and lots of fun along the route.

The Color Run partners with local charities to help raise funds through the races. Sponsorships are available and interested parties are encouraged to visit the event website to sign up as a sponsor.

Print companies can supply all of the materials needed to ensure successful communication. Flyer and poster printing will take place far in advance of the event to enable event coordinators to distribute them within the region to announce the race.

Individual or teams may register to race, which is scheduled for May 19, by visiting the Color Run website.