Smithsonian Folklife Festival dates scheduled

May 28, 2013 by  

The diverse and colorful annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2013 takes place across two five-day bursts over the next two months on the National Mall, Washington, D.C.

The free festival gives visitors a terrific opportunity to learn about the different cultural heritages from all around the world – all taking place right in front of their eyes.

This is the event’s 47th year and the 2013 festival program includes Hungarian heritage viewed through ‘Roots to Revival’, ‘The Will to Adorn’ – taking an in-depth look at African American diversity – and ‘One World, Many Voices’, which takes a peak at some of the endangered cultural heritage and languages across the world.

Frequently, printing companies will work with festival organizers and vendors in providing necessary materials for the events. Flyer printing, as well as banner printing, is usually among the most common type of orders.

The event is open between June 26 – 30 and July 3 – 7. The festival hours run from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, but there are usually plenty of features and special events in the evenings in the area too. The Marketplace is renowned for proudly displaying the work of traditional musicians and artists from around the globe with sales of its crafts, music, and arts. There are some unique and interesting items for sale, including jewelry, baskets, pottery, textiles – many of which are on offer for the first time in the USA and cannot be purchased at regular outlets.

General information is available via the event website or by calling (202) 633-6440.