Rally in nation’s capital supports funding for transportation

March 22, 2012 by  

At the second annual Rally for Roads held in Washington, District of Columbia, members of the transportation construction industry and its suppliers were joined by leading bi-partisan members of Congress on Tuesday, March 20 in support of the passage of a transportation bill that will last for several years and be fully funded by the federal government.

The primary goal of the Rally for Roads is to bring to the attention of the people of the United States the impact that transportation and investments in the highway system have on the economy of the nation. The Rally for Roads is no doubt using printing services for flyer printing and printing brochures to make the public more aware of and inform them of the Rally’s objectives.

According to the senior Vice-President of Government and Political Affairs for the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association and Rally for Roads spokesperson, Kerri Leninger, it is important that a surface transportation bill be passed as soon as possible as America’s transportation needs are substantial and have a great impact on the nation’s economic health and wellbeing.

Leninger added that America’s roads are fundamental to the nation’s livelihood. Households and businesses have lost billions of dollars due to deficiencies in the country’s surface transportation systems. The support that Congress and industry members are giving to the Rally for Roads shows how important it is that the nation’s transportation infrastructure gets back on track.

Fifteen national transportation construction associations sponsor the bipartisan Rally for Roads. In addition to 10 members of Congress participating in the event, there are representatives from manufacturing, road construction, agriculture, natural resources, and retail industries supporting the rally.