Picture the weekend with photography exhibition

March 25, 2013 by  

The spring schedule for National Geographic Live events in Washington D.C. has been posted and includes a presentation by world-renowned photographer Jodi Cobb.

Uncovering Hidden Worlds will be presented later this week and will discuss the successful adventures Jodi Cobb has had which photographing for National Geographic. Having worked in over 60 countries, her work highlights human spirit – presenting the best and the worst aspects.

Cobb is famous for moving into areas that were traditionally closed to outsiders and particularly off-limits for journalists. She was among the first to enter China when it reopened to the Western area. She profiled the lives of women in the Middle East, and was once honored with the ‘White House Photographer of the Year Award’. She is the recipient of many other National Press Photographers Association awards as well.

The author of various reports and books, Cobb’s photographs have attracted world acclaim. She has appeared on PBS and NBC programs several times.

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With the event coming up this Friday, March 29, tickets are on sale now for the presentation, which will take place just outside of Washington D.C. in Olympia. Visit the National Geographic Live site for more information.