National Mall Hosts EPA P3 Vompetition for Earth Day Weekend

April 27, 2012 by  

At the Washington, D.C. National Mall over the Earth Day weekend from April 21st through April 23rd, the 8th Annual National Sustainable Design Expo was held and co-sponsored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The Agency no doubt used poster printing and flyer printing to make the public aware of the event so as to support the many other activities across the nation celebrating Earth Day.

Over 30 exhibitors from government and non-profit agencies showcasing innovative solutions for the environment were featured at the event along with 45 college and university teams that are competing for Phase II funding under the People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) student design competition sponsored by the EPA.

Many of the projects focused on the production of algae and biofuel. Students from the Arizona State University presented a project that showed how the nutrient waster from waste water treatment plants can be used in biofuel production using algae culture media.

New Mexico State University students presented a project that demonstrated how a solar reactor can covert solid wastes from biofuel from algae into gas and liquid fuels that can be used to increase the production of fuel.

Students from New York’s Clarkson University demonstrated how leachate and waste heat from solid waste facilities can be used to produce algae biodiesel which would then be used to provide power to a waste treatment facility.

The general public was invited to attend the event and competition with judging taking place on April 21st and April 22nd. Other sponsors of the event included Engineers without Borders, Engineering for Change, and the American Society for Civil Engineers.