now licensed to conduct business in Washington D.C.

March 7, 2012 by  

Brilliant Insurance Services, a commercial insurance brokerage firm that offers film insurance for independent film producers, recently announced it is now able to transact business in Washington, D.C. by means of its website The firm will most likely be using printing services to make those in the film industry in the nation’s capital aware of this service so they can readily get the insurance they need to produce their films.

CEO of Brilliant Services, located in Woodland Hills, California, David Karubian, stated that providing inexpensive film insurance in Washington, D.C. has been one of the company’s goals for many years. According to Karubian, many film producers take to filming national landmarks during an election year, thereby providing many opportunities for his company to offer insurance.

In addition, many producers like to involve these landmarks with stunts, which require using professional stunt coordinators and controlling the area in which the stunt is performed. These stunts require underwriting and charging the appropriate premiums as well as providing workers’ compensation.

Quotes for movie insurance typically range from a low of $450 to a high of $4,500, the amount depending on the size and scope of the production and how much coverage is needed. Movie producers also need to rent cameras and other production equipment and get permits for their use and for vehicles that are used in front of and behind the cameras. Permits are also required for filming music videos, commercials, short films, features, infomercials, and documentaries and those that do not get the proper coverage often burden the public with uncovered claims.