Largest D.C. solar panel system dedicated at Catholic University

September 25, 2012 by  

Last Friday, September 21, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at the O’Boyle parking lot of The Catholic University of America (CUA) to unveil Washington D.C.’s largest solar photovoltaic panel system.

There were over 2,600 panels that were installed in this system, with 714 of them over 70 parking spaces in the O’Boyle parking lot. Annually, this new system will be able to generate over 830,000 kilowatt-hours of environmentally-sound energy. The installation also includes solar-power charging stations in the parking lot and their ability to be hooked up to these stations was demonstrated as part of the ceremony.

The CUA partnered with Standard Solar of Rockville, Maryland, and Washington Gas Energy Systems on the installation of this project. The roofs of Pangborn Hall, the Athletic Center and the Maintenance Complex for the Ground of the University were the recipients of the new solar panels. With the panels that were installed in 2009 on Gibbons, Auqinas and Flather Halls the University has been able to triple the clean energy amount it produces on an annual basis through the use of solar power.

According to Vice President for Finance and Treasurer of CUA, Cathy Wood, this project demonstrates the University’s commitment to working with other organizations to create a sustainable campus as a reflection of its Catholic mission. The University no doubt used flyer printing and poster printing to inform the public of the ribbon-cutting so as to increase awareness of the use and advantages of solar energy.