Green energy plans presented to members of Congress

May 23, 2012 by  

On Friday, May 18, students in the seventh and eighth-grade from Lemont, Illinois made special presentations to the members of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Caucus in Washington, DC. The Caucus is part of Project Infinite Green, which is an after-school program and a joint effort of the private sector and the government designed to educate students about renewable energy and how they can develop plans to increase its usage. The Caucus most likely used flyer printing to make the public aware of the event and brochure printing to provide additional details about Project Infinite Green.

Congressman Dan Lipinski, co-chair of STEM, commented that the students displayed a great deal of thought, learning, and effort in their presentations and demonstrated that a low-cost, sustainable energy economy of tomorrow is possible. In order that the United States can continue to compete and succeed in the high-tech, global economy, the education of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics needs to be improved in this country. He added that classroom education needs to be improved and students need to get excited about STEM outside the classroom. Project Infinite Green is an innovative approach which gets students, parents, and teachers working together in a collaborative effort.

Nuclear, hydroelectric, and solar energy use were the focuses of the student presentations. They demonstrated plans for using oscillating water columns to harness the power of ocean waves, solar islands for generating solar energy where traditional solar farms cannot be used, and an application for mobile devices that increases nuclear awareness.