Foundation Fundraising Essentials scheduled

June 25, 2013 by  

The Foundation Center in Washington DC is hosting a training course on November 20 at their headquarters on K Street titled “Foundation Fundraising Essentials.” The course provides strategies for building a successful foundation for fundraising programs and efforts.

The class will cover topics including grant seeking, finding grant makers, connections between appropriate parties and how to use search strategies through the Foundation Directory Online Professional.

The target audiences include people beginning a career in fundraising or people involved in the field of foundation fundraising. Organizations considering embarking on a fundraising program will have the opportunity to learn principles, best practices and to network with people in the field.

Beginning a new non-profit association involves a lot of planning and the right resources. Attendees can learn about the components involved and needed for this ambitious plan.

The Foundation Center was founded in 1956 and is supported by nearly 550 foundations. The center maintains a comprehensive database on grant makers, funders, and other relevant information for the industry. The center operates libraries and learning centers in many locations and maintains a database on information on more than 100,000 donors, charities and foundations.

Printing companies frequently are approached by entities requesting materials to support their programs. Catalog printing is an effective tool to list all of the courses an entity offers including dates, times, and locations. Faculty, sponsors and general company information can be included in the catalog.

Visit the Foundation Center’s online website for more information on this seminar as well as other courses available.