Epstein Foundation makes donation to D.C. charter school

June 20, 2012 by  

The Maya Angelou Charter Schools recently announced that it will be receiving substantial financial support from the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation. The Schools, located in the inner city of Washington, D.C. are very likely to be using flyer printing and poster printing to help make those aware in the nation’s capital that public education is still experiencing difficulty there and support is greatly needed from outside organizations.

According to the Office of State Superintendent of Education, in Washington, D.C. less than half of the students are proficient in math, about one third of high school students read at lower than a third grade level, and SAT scores are 200 points below the national average. Consequently, the number of charter schools that are privately funded has grown over the years in Washington, D.C.

The Maya Angelou Charter Schools were founded by James Forman and Jr. David Domenici in 1997 and are currently administered by the See Forever Foundation. Originally designed for teenagers in the juvenile justice system, the schools evolved from a program into four schools, including the Maya Angelou Young Adult Learning Center, which is designed for older students who have done some work in high school.

The Maya Angelou Schools have been able to overcome many of the educational shortcomings of the public schools by using a more pragmatic approach to education, focusing on math and reading, and helping alienated students to reconnect with the education system. Domenici remarked that the goal of the schools is to help students prepare for college, enter a career, and become successful in life.