DC Jazz Festival to get Washington D.C. in the groove

March 29, 2014 by  

Summer in Washington D.C. will be alive with the sounds of jazz throughout the region. The DC Jazz Festival will take place in June and is in its 10th year.

The event brings over 125 performances across many venues in the city. It is recognized as the largest festival in the region, and also as one of the well-attended cultural events in the country.

Year-round programs are presented for students in the city, as well as residents, and are hosted by local and national talent at various venues. The goal to bring music integration into public school programs is a focus of the festival organization.

Other goals of the entity include highlighting the legacy of famous jazz musician Duke Ellington, as well as continuing to strive to position Washington D.C. as a cultural destination year-round. Through this position, the economy is also strengthened with the tourism industry playing a big factor in it.

Poster printing is a frequent request for local print companies for large events of this type. The posters are usually printed in full-color and finished with gloss, which creates an attractive piece. Posters can be placed throughout the city by mounting on flat surfaces, or sold at events via cylindrical tubes.

The festival will take place June 24-29. Visit the event website for complete details.