D.C. focuses on the Fringe

April 30, 2013 by  

The annual Capital Fringe Festival will take place in the city this July, all within a three-block area between Mount Vernon Square and Penn Quarter, located in the Downtown area of Washington, D.C.

The festival features performing arts events with over 130 performances. It is known for the introduction of non-traditional art and performances that incorporate dance, theater, music, puppetry, and poetry into the presentations.

In the Baldacchino Gypsy Tent Bar, fans can gather together to discuss the performances and enjoy the food and beverages available at the bar.

The famous Edinburgh International Festival in Scotland was, in fact, the origin of the concept for the Washington D.C. Festival. ‘Fringe’ was a referral to the performers that were excluded from the event. These entities and performers went onto create their own theatres on what was considered the outskirts of the area. A large following developed and it became an annual event. The concept moved to other countries, with many Fringe Festivals taking place in several USA cities at this time.

Print companies are often involved in preparing materials needed to market and promote theatrical festivals. Banner printing is a frequent project, as the banners are often used throughout various areas to announce the event. They are commonly used within the venue to direct attention and traffic to specific areas as well.

Altogether, 16 locations will be participating in the Fringe Festival in Washington DC and are posted on the event website along with maps and directions. Ticket pricing and availability information is also included online for the July 11 – 28 showcase.