D.C. festival tickets go on sale this week

April 29, 2013 by  

Presented by CulturalDC, the Source Festival will take place in Washington D.C. throughout most of June at the Source Theatre located on 14th Street, and tickets will soon be available.

It is a three-week annual festival showcasing performing artwork from across the country. The venue is a 120-seat theatre and the festival attracts thousands of people over the period.

The event is renowned for launching the careers of performing artists through a mentorship program matching directors to the artists. A total of 24 original and new works (which will include plays, both full and short, along with three Artistic Blind Dates) will be featured.

The Artistic Blind Date feature is a unique program that brings nine artists from various artistic disciplines together for the purpose of creating three presentations. The presentations will be performed in the Source Rehearsal Room. Audiences have the pleasure of an intimate and close-up view of the creative works and will have the opportunity to interact with the artists.

There will be a schedule of 10-minute plays that will feature new work from Sherry Kramer, who is a veteran of the stage. Playwrights from the area include David Robinson, Stephen Spotswood, and Renee Calarco.

Poster printing is an effective tool to use in promoting theatrical events of this nature. The posters can be printed in full color with a glossy finish and posted throughout the region to develop interest and increase attendance.

Ticket sales will begin this Wednesday, May 1, for the festival performances, which will run June 7 – 30. Visit the entity website for more information.