Amtrak station slated for upgrade

July 29, 2012 by  

Union Station in Washington, D.C. is slated for an expansion of $7 billion by Amtrak so that it can become a high-speed commercial and rail hub, the company announced on Wednesday, July 25. Amtrak is no doubt using poster printing and flyer printing to make travelers aware of this upgrade so that they might plan to use a train to get to Washington, D.C. as opposed to other means of transportation.

The upgrade is planned to double the number of trains that the station can handle, improving conditions for passengers and adding six new high-speed tracks, which would reduce the travel time between New York and Washington to just over an hour and a half – one-third faster than the current Acela line. An additional 3 million square feet of retail, commercial, and residential development is also planned just north of the United States Capitol at the site. New tracks, platforms, and underground shopping are planned as part of the upgrade.

There have been no details released from Amtrak as to how the project will be funded, although a $105 billion law was signed this month by President Barack Obama for transportation spending over the next 27 months. Revenues from the federal gas tax, which typically is the main source for funding transportation, have fallen due to rising gas prices and a slow economy. Amtrak is still hoping to receive most of its funding for this and a $151 billion project for improving high-speed rail in the northeastern part of the United States from state and federal sources.