Kids’ theater program begins set of six showings

December 6, 2013 by  

The Ocean State Theatre holds Family Fun Fests once a month on Saturday from December through May at 11:00 AM. The aim is to attract more children and families and to encourage a love of performance and theater.

The first event of the new series will be Bubbleology with Keith Michael Johnson on December 14. Bubble art is his specialty, and he even manages to encase audience members in a giant bubble. Johnson was featured on the Discover and National Geographic television channels.

Next will be the Toe Jam Puppet Band in January, followed by a ‘Circus-of-one’ in February, ‘How I became a pirate’ in March, and ‘Magical Moments’ in April. Drinks and snacks can be purchased before each performance in the lobby.

Events such as these go a long way in fostering an interest in the arts, while also helping to support local theaters by creating audience members who want to keep coming back.

The Family Fun Fest performances are very likely advertised widely in the Warwick area. Local printing companies often help by providing items such as flyers to help spread the word. Flyers are seen as one of the best ways to advertise and they can be distributed in a variety of ways for little to no cost.

Tickets for Family Fun Fest events cost $10 each, and packages are available for three performances at a discounted price. To find out more about any of the upcoming performances call 401-921-1777 x112.