Find out if your treasures are worth anything

February 4, 2012 by  

The Antiques Discovery and Appraisal Show will be making an appearance at the Crowne Plaza Providence-Warwick Airport Hotel on February 18 from 9 am-4 pm. Those who wish to be appraised have to purchase a ticket in advance for each item they wish to receive a written appraisal for; tickets are $65 and the limit is three tickets. Proceeds go to support Rhode Island PBS and Learn.

The Antiques Discovery and Appraisal Show is a production of WSBE Rhode Island PBS and is hosted by Brian Scott Smith. Those whose items are deemed to be worthwhile will have be filmed and have their segment show up on the show. There will be no buying or selling at the show and it is basically about “fun, making new friends and discovering old treasures.” Items that will be appraised include silver, jewelry, ceramics, art, furniture, rugs, art works, miscellaneous and ephemera. Ephemera include items such as photographs, postcards and mainly paper products.

Many people have items in their attics or in their basements that have been passed down to them through the generations. While most of these items have no monetary value they are highly valued as a piece of family history. However, frequently those items that we have hidden away in a box or a case are worth a lot of money. They won’t necessary be sold but the owners would still like to know their real value. If an item is appraised as valuable they will have to be taken care of and should be showcased. Warwick printing companies could help by suggesting ways to mount items in a way that will not lessen their value and might even enhance it.