Discover some new artists in Warwick

June 8, 2012 by  

The Warwick Museum of Art is featuring the Artist Closet Showcase from July 21 to 21 beginning at 12:00 pm each day. Tickets are $20.

The Artist Closet Showcase is designed to highlight new and upcoming local artists. Previously only fine artists have been included but this year, for the first time clothing and accessory designers will also be showcased. Some of the artists who will be featured are Trisha Kelley Photography, Mallory Musante Shoes, Shelby White, Iryna Kavalenka, Mermaids Baubles and Pink Elephant hair accessories. It will be the perfect opportunity for those interested in art in the community to discover some new and fresh voices in art and design.

Since several of the showcased artists are accessory designers and own stores, they would be wise to work with Warwick printing companies to exploit this opportunity through marketing. For a very low price they can design and print flyers which will highlight the fact they are being showcased in the Museum of Art. These flyers can be mailed out to their regular customers, they can be distributed by hand to nearby residents or they can be displayed at the store itself.

Being recognized by a respected Museum of Art, these designers are showing that art is not just relegated to paintings hung in galleries or as subjects of catalogs, but that it is current and wearable in everyday life. Of course, this showcase will also be highlighting fine artists whose work has not yet been given the attention it deserves.