Get a refresher on marketing dos and don’ts

April 11, 2012 by  

The Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce is presenting the seminar “Marketing that makes sense” on May 4 from 3-5 pm. Tickets are $35 for members and $65 for non-members; attendance is limited to 25.

The seminar will be presented by Kristen Boie; refreshments and coffee will be served. Ms Boie will be discussing how, why and when to use social media and which services are appropriate for business, how to decide if a company’s Internet presence is helping or hurting business, how to communicate with customers on the Internet and how best to spend money allocated for marketing.

In order to be successful, it is becoming more and more important that a business has a presence on the Internet, either with a website or a page on Facebook, preferably both. However, it must be planned properly or it can cost a company money and credibility with potential customers. This seminar should help point people in the right direction.

One way a Pawtucket company can make the general public aware of their Internet presence is to arrange for flyer printing. The flyer can have a title like “Find us on the Web!” or “Check out our new website!” Whatever it says, it should list a company’s website URL and the location of their profile on Facebook, LinkedIn and wherever else they have a presence. Direct mail marketing, which often includes flyers, is still one of the most successful types of marketing campaigns and can bring a company a lot of business.