Enjoy a good meal and help the community

March 26, 2012 by  

The North Central Chamber of Commerce is holding a “Dough Raiser” at the UNO Chicago Grill in Smithfield on March 28 from 11:30am. Everyone who registers will have a ticket sent to them which will be presented to their server before they order lunch, dinner or late-night snacks. 100% of the food costs go to support the Chamber’s Scholarship Fund.

The Scholarship Fund presents five scholarships of $500 to high school seniors annually. This goes a long way in ensuring they receive a good education. University tuition is extremely expensive these days and most families find it hard to be able to put money aside. High school students try to help by working part-time but often find it hard to save enough money for their education. Events like this one, and the Scholarship Fund, make it possible for those who can’t afford to go to university. The scholarship money will be paid back to the community once they have graduated and start working.

To help raise money for this event, area companies including those in nearby Pawtucket can encourage their employees to attend the Dough Raiser; maybe even making reservations for a large group. They can arrange with their local printing company to help them create a poster suitable for displaying in a public area of the business or a flyer to be inserted in employee’s paychecks. This will not only help with company morale, it will also show that they care about the community and its future.