Workshop to ascend the steps

July 28, 2012 by  

The workshop “Six steps to business success” will be held at the Rhode Island Small Business Journal offices in Warwick on August 8 from 8:00 am – 10:00 am. Those who register will receive a copy of the book by the same name.

Those who attend the workshop will learn about pre-business planning, financing and budgeting, how to manage people, day-to-day business such as workflow and sales, how to build a saleable business and how to handle retiring from that business. The workshop will be presented by the author of the book “Six steps to business success” David J. Lucier, owner of Lucier CPA, Inc which is located in Johnston. Those who do plan to attend the workshop should arrange for business card printing in advance, as the morning event will be an excellent networking opportunity for local businesspeople and they will want to make sure they do not run out of business cards. 50 is usually the minimum number of cards that should be taken to a networking event.

There are many steps that an owner must take before a small business gets off the ground. It is important that all of these steps are followed thoroughly if a company expects to survive for a considerable period of time. Workshops like this and others presented by the Rhode Island Small Business Journal are invaluable as most of them are taught by those who have many years of small business experience. Topics usually covered in workshops include writing a business plan and how to decide on pricing.