Enjoy the ice in downtown Stroudsburg

January 20, 2012 by  

The 2nd annual President’s Weekend Ice Festival will take place in downtown Stroudsburg on February 19. The event is sponsored by downtown stores, many of which will be offering sales and specials during the day.

There will be ice sculpting demonstrations at 7th and Main from 12-3 pm. In addition, several ice sculptures will be on display in front of various stores in the downtown area.

Stores will be offering specials and sales during the day also. Those stores will most likely order banner printing from Stroudsburg firms in order to draw attention to those specials and to their premises. They would also be wise to send flyers to all city residents, some of whom might not be planning to attend the festival. Those flyers could contain a further discount when brought back to the store. It would also allow the store to gauge how effective such promotions are and whether or not they will do similar marketing in the future.

To help keep visitors warm during the day, Dutch Valley Confections will be offering roasted nuts, hot cocoa and cider to those watching the ice carving demonstrations. Other specials during the day will include balloon sculptures and free snow cones from Grandpa Pete’s Bagels and ice-themed cupcakes at Kitchen Chemistry. Kitchen Chemistry will also be giving a demonstration in making mozzarella cheese and allowing visitors to decorate their own cookies throughout the day.

Hopefully, the weather will be cold enough by February 19 to ensure that all the ice sculptures will be decorating the downtown area for several days.