Royersford course to teach mental health first aid skills

August 20, 2017 by  

A Royersford training session will equip those who participate with a set of skills they can use to provide support and other forms of first aid to those who are experiencing a mental health crisis.

The daylong training initiative will give those who take part knowledge that can help them to recognize the signs and symptoms that could indicate a mental health issue in themselves or others. They will also be taught what steps they can take to provide assistance until the person can obtain professional help. The organizers noted that is geared for community leaders, first responders, educators, students, group facilitators and anyone else with an interest in the field. They went on to say that the information they will learn may even help them to save a life one day.

The training will take approximately eight hours, and the attendees who successfully complete it will receive a certification in Mental Health First Aid. There will be no fee charged to register for the event, and all will be welcome. Manuals and other teaching materials for an initiative like this can be provided by a local catalog printing company.

This training session, that will teach members of the public what to do in case of a mental health emergency, has been planned for Royersford’s Spring Valley YMCA on September 21. More details can be found on the SE Regional Mental Health Services Coordination Offices website.