Workshop puts print in the picture

August 8, 2012 by  

The Printing Industries of America are presenting a workshop entitled ‘Optimizing color from your digital press’ at their Sewickley headquarters on September 25 and 26. Fees are $695 for Printing Industries of America members and $1,095 for non-members.

The workshop is aimed at digital press operators, suppliers and vendors, plant operators, and prepress technicians. Those who work for printing companies in the Pittsburgh area should definitely not miss it either.

Attendees of the workshop will receive both lab instruction and hands-on experience with a digital press. They will learn what is necessary to produce high-quality and reliable digital prints. Topics up for discussion will include digital terms and techniques, standards and specifications, troubleshooting problems using computer tools, RGB and OMYK, how to diagnose and solve problems in PDFs, when digital images should be flattened, color options in DFEs, and how to print to the specifications put forward by G7 and ISP 12647-2. The hands-on learning portions will include the chance to diagnose whether a problem is due to a digital file or is press related, as well as how to troubleshoot color problems.

Even those who work in small printing offices will come away from this workshop with the knowledge and experience to improve their digital printing output. Something new is always being introduced in the world of printing and workshops such as this give those in the industry the chance to try out new tools, techniques, and machines without investing a large amount of money.