Pittsburgh named fourth most literate city in the United States

February 27, 2013 by  

The city of Pittsburgh has been listed at number four in the 2012 America’s most literate cities list. The list, compiled and written by John Miller, President of Central Connecticut State University, studied and ranked 75 United States cities with a population of 250,000 or more.

The cities are judged on six criteria: library resources in the city, newspaper and other publications circulation, the number of bookstores in the city as well as online book orders, internet resources, the educational level of the residents, and periodical publishing resources.

For 2012, the top five cities were Washington, D.C., Seattle, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, and Denver; Pittsburgh has moved up two spaces from the 2011 list. As the author of the list states, literacy is:

“…essential to individual economic success, civic participation, and the quality of life [of a community]”

Lists like this helps to build pride in a city. The fact that the city did so well on this list will no doubt convince some people to move there or for literary-related businesses to open up new offices or stores in the city. Those who strive to grow the city population will no doubt want to advertise the city’s ranking on this list. They could work with Pittsburgh printing companies to design and print a flyer or a booklet that can be distributed to tourist agencies highlighting the city’s ranking on the list. A flyer could also be sent out to a large percentage of the population through direct mail.