Learn how to be a better project manager

January 22, 2012 by  

The American Marketing Association (AMA) Pittsburgh is presenting the seminar “Project Management: Listen, Learn, Lead” at the Marriott City Center on February 9. Tickets are $40 for AMA members, $50 for non-members and $35 for students.

The seminar will be led by David A. Oshlag of Project Marketing Associates. Those who attend will learn what makes a good project managers and how they themselves can become successful. It will also be a chance to network with peers in Pittsburgh business. The most important tool to bring to this seminal will be a business card. Printing on a business card should be clear and professional looking and the card should contain all of you contact information in a readable format.

Project management is defined as “the science (and art) of organizing the components of a project, whether the project is development of a new product, the launch of a new service, a marketing campaign, or a wedding.” Successful project managers ensure that a business runs smoothly and competently. Top project managers have several similar characteristics: they can command authority easily; they are flexible when things go wrong, they ask the right questions, they listen to everyone on their team’s input, they follow schedules as closely as possible, they possess consensus-building skills and they employ the use of a team effectively.

Being a good project manager is something you can learn. While some people naturally have the skills to be leaders and seem to pick up on project management easily, others need training such as this seminar.