Learn all about cloud computing in Pittsburgh

January 15, 2012 by  

CloudCamp Pittsburgh will take place at the Miller Gallery of Carnegie Mellon University on January 28 from 9 am. This is described as an ‘unconference’ to exchange ideas, knowledge and information about cloud computing. Cloud camps are taking place all over the country; they are staffed completely by volunteers and usually rely on corporate sponsorship to pay for venue, food and drinks.

The topic of discussion at Cloud camps related to the “current state of cloud computing and related technologies.” Cloud computing basically means that information can be made available to others no matter what their location is. Cloud computing could be the next big thing in business, making large office buildings obsolete and allowing employees to work wherever they are.

The topics covered can include infrastructure as an experience, computer platform as a services, software as a service and recent developments in cloud computing. There is no set agenda; participants vote on what will be discussed and usually break down into various groups to discuss what they are most interested in.

There will also be many chances to network with your fellow business peers; not only those in the computer industry. Before attending CloudCamp Pittsburgh, make sure you arrange for an extra business card printing. If you meet a like-minded person whom you would like to work with having a business card to hand out will keep your name fresh in that persons mind for when they are looking for someone who provides the services or products that they need.