Learn about changes in environmental and energy regulation

March 10, 2012 by  

The 2012 Environmental and Energy Conference and Trade Show will take place at the Eden Resort Inn and Suites in Lancaster on April 18. Admission is $345; Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry members receive a $50 discount.

Those who attend the conference will learn about how to comply with the newest environmental regulations, will find out about new and upcoming regulations, best business strategies and tips for making their businesses more environmentally friendly.

There will be two keynote speeches given at the conference: “Economic benefits of Marcellus shale and natural gas” and “Converting trash into renewable energy.” There will also be 50 exhibitors, networking opportunities and several educational sessions. The sessions will be split into 4 concurrent tracks: standard environmental, advanced environmental, environmental energy and air compliance. Topics will include “Storage tanks 101,” an advanced environmental roundtable featuring industry professionals,

“How Federal and State solid waste regulations apply to energy producers” and “U.S. EPA’s new pre-construction permitting hurdles.”

All businesses must learn to comply with environmental laws and conferences such as this help them by educating them on the basics. Many fear that it will cost too much but those costs will easily be gained back in reduced energy costs. Most companies in the Pittsburgh area are taking steps to make their workplaces more environmentally friendly. For example, printing companies for the most part have switched to vegetable-based inks, use recycled paper and make sure that any chemicals they do use are disposed of safely.