Have some Zombie fun over spring break

February 22, 2012 by  

The Horror Realm Spring Break Massacre and Zombie Gras will take place at the Crowne Plaza on March 10 from 11 am-11:30 pm. Tickets are $7 for the convention alone, $10 for the convention and Zombie Gras or $5 for the Zombie Gras only; the Zombie Gras is an over-18 event.

Zombies are the hottest thing going right now; you can’t open a magazine, turn on the TV, visit a bookstore, go to the movies or open the newspaper without seeing some mention of a zombie. The Spring Break Massacre and Zombie Gras should give you all the zombie stuff you could ever want. Why not make it even more fun and come in costume and full-zombie makeup? Your fellow Pittsburgh zombie fans will be notably impressed. And if you are a makeup artist, arrange for a business card printing order and hand cards out to everyone you meet; they will remember you when the next zombie event comes up since not everyone knows how to do the makeup right.

There will be a dealer’s room, a panel room hosting sessions on things like makeup and special effects, a VHS room to view zombie movies and shows, sessions with horror film actors and filmmakers and a swap meet. You can play the Horror Match Game, take part in a Q&A panel with Lawrence C. Connolly, or compete in “Are Your Smarter” (about horror movies) than Tim Gross? There will also be a Zombie King and Queen pageant. The Zombie Gras party will start at 9 pm and last until midnight. It will feature a cash bar and a DJ.