Find out how your business can help local arts organizations

December 3, 2011 by  

The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council is holding an informational session called Business, Meet the Arts on December 12 from 5:30-8 pm. The session is for business and legal professionals who are interested in help those in the arts achieve success. Admission is free and food and drinks will be served.

Business, Meet the Arts will be presented by Vic Dozzi, Peggy Outon, Kate Prescott and David Seals. The session is intended to be an introduction to the local art scene for local area businesses. Business professionals will find out what challenges are faced by artists and art organizations. Discussion will focus on arts marketing, financing and strategic planning. It is also intended for business people who want to help non-profit arts groups through the Business Volunteers for the Arts program.

Business Volunteers for the Arts seeks business professionals who will assist those art groups with financial and strategic planning, marketing advice, information technology help and human resources advice. In order to be chosen, volunteers must commit to 2-3 hours a week and must have at least 5-years’ experience in their field. For example, someone who owns or is employed by a Pittsburgh printing company could advise an arts organization in the best ways to advertise and market their art and their organization. They can describe the low-cost options that they have such as flyer, brochure and poster printing. While it is not the goal of volunteering, that professional can probably count on receiving business from that art organization in the future.