Don’t miss the boot camp for printers

February 3, 2012 by  

The New Media Boot Camp for Printers will take place at the Printing Industries of America (PIA) headquarters on March 28-29. This two-day workshop is $695 for PIA members and $995 for non-members.

The workshop will be led by Joe Marin and Julie Shaffer, both of the Digital Technologies branch of the PIA. It is recommended for business owners, sales and account managers and prepress technicians. Those who work for printing equipment supplies and printing companies in Pittsburgh should definitely try and attend. The workshop will discuss trends in Internet and mobile technologies and “how they can be leveraged with print.”

The workshop will cover topics such as QR codes, 3D printing, augmented reality, mobile web design, how to properly market the new technologies and the link between smart phones and print. Part of the workshop will be hands-on; topics will include building a mobile website, creating e-books, creating 3D images and building an augmented reality project.

It is becoming more and more important that traditional business models be used in addition to the new technologies. Traditional marketing campaigns include the printing of literature such as brochures or flyers which are then mailed out to a customer base. However, many people first look to the Internet when searching for information on a company. In addition, more people than ever have smart phones and it is up to you to make sure they can learn about your company when using them. However, it would be short sighted to not offer both forms of marketing. The paperless society is still the thing of fantasy.