Discover a new artist in Shadyside

July 5, 2012 by  

The 15th annual Shadyside, the Art Festival on Walnut Street, will take place from August 25 – 26. This outdoor art festival is free to the public and Walnut Street is closed to traffic during its run. The festival is expected to attract about 50,000 visitors.

There are expected to be approximately 150 artists represented at the festival from all over the country. There will be several genres on display at the festival, including photography, pottery, jewelry making, painting, glass, ceramics, sculpture, prints, collage, and wood carvings. Artists apply to take part in this event and all of their work must be hand-made and one-of-a-kind. Those applying need to send an example of their work to the organizers, along with a $50 entry fee, and are then chosen by a jury. Each chosen artist is allowed a 10 x 10 space where they must provide their own tent or tables and chairs.

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People who live in a community are often surprised by the diversity and large amount of artistic talent that exists. They do not often hear about many of these artists, especially if they are not regular gallery visitors. The Shadyside art festival is an opportunity not only for the artists themselves, but for those who live in the area to discover a new favorite artist.