Business event aims to unite all groups

October 31, 2013 by  

The ‘Giving Back: How it Helps your Business’ panel and volunteer fair is taking place in Pittsburgh very soon, presented by The Chamber: Pittsburgh Airport Area.

The event is aimed at connecting for-profit companies and non-profit organizations with the aim of finding volunteers. The day will include lunch, panel discussions, and display booths from sponsors, commercial companies, and non-profits. Those taking part in the discussions will include Kristi Hilbert, Mike Howard and Scott Leff.

The event supports the mantra that companies who make an effort to give back to the cities in which they live not only help those who are less fortunate but also help their own bottom line, and that people are likely to choose to do business with those companies that they know are helping the community in one way or another.

Booths can be rented for $125 or $175 for commercial businesses and $50 or $75 for non-profit groups. Sponsors will also have access to a display booth.

Many of those attending this Pittsburgh fair will likely be investing in brochure and flyer printing services in advance. They will no doubt want to make sure that the contact information on their cards is correct and that they also have enough cards to exchange with everyone they meet during the evening.

The session is taking place at the Marriott Pittsburgh Airport on November 15 from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm. Admission is $25 for chamber members or $40 for non-members. To find out more, call 412-264-6270.