Exhibit in Philadelphia lets locals relive history

December 14, 2013 by  

The Franklin Institute is presenting the exhibit ‘One Day in Pompeii’, which lets visitors experience history up close and personal. This interactive exhibit opened in November and will run until April, 2014.

The exhibition features more than 175 artifacts on loan from the Naples National Archaeological Museum, including helmets, shrines, and currency salvaged from the explosion of the Mount Vesuvius volcano in 79 A.D. and when the city was discovered 250 years ago. It also has projections, audio, and video. There are recreations of the market, a temple, and the baths, and visitors can even experience a CGI eruption and feel what the residents of Pompeii felt.

The Vesuvius Science Lab will allow people to examine real volcanic rocks, and the film ‘Ring of Fire’ is to be shown in the Imax theater.

The aim of One Day in Pompeii is to let people experience what everyday life was like before disaster struck. No doubt the organizers of this exhibit are advertising it widely in the Philadelphia area. Local printing companies are usually called upon to provide services such as poster and flyer printing to help with marketing campaigns.

One Day in Pompeii is running at the Franklin Institute until April 27. Admission is by timed entry and reservations are recommended. Tickets are $27.50 including general admission to the museum, or $18 for the exhibit only. For those between the ages of 3 and 11, prices are $21.50 or $11. For more information, call 215-448-1200.