Opportunities for referral networking in Monroeville

January 31, 2012 by  

The Monroeville Area Chamber of Commerce’s M.O.R.E. committee meets every Thursday in the conference room from 7:15-9 am; the next meeting will take place on February 2. This is a free event for Chamber members.

M.O.R.E. stands for Monroeville’s Opportunity for Referrals and Exchanges. Those who attend the weekly meetings have the opportunity to make presentations about their businesses to the members, have a chance to exchange referrals, have the opportunity to exchange contacts and the chance to build a business relationship with several of your fellow Monreoeville Area Chamber members. Monroeville Area Chambers members come from all over the county, including North Versailles, to attend the various networking and educational programs and to grow their businesses.

The most important tool in growing a referral network is a business card. Printing extras before you attend any referral or networking events is highly recommended. In addition to the M.O.R.E committee, the Monroeville Area Chamber of Commerce also holds specific networking meetings for young professionals and for women in leadership.

Growing a referral network can seem like a lot of work but if you follow several tips you should see it develop in no time at all. Referral FormulaX suggests that you follow these three tips:

• Provide a good product – make sure that what you are offering others is a quality product that people will want to buy
• Make everyone feel special – avoid sales gimmicks and be sincere in what you tell people
• Give them something to talk about – donate money to charity, give people something other than business to talk about.