Business seminar to get write on the mark

October 31, 2013 by  

Bearing in mind that writing copy is the main way that businesses communicate, and that clarity and ease of understand are key issues on this front, the Norwin Chamber of Commerce is hosting the Business Writing Seminar tomorrow morning.

The seminar is presented by EHS InfoLink’s Susan Forney. She will be covering all the basics of effective business writing. Talk will follow about the writing process from start to finish, how to organize what you want to say, how to develop a company style guide which fits with a public image, and tips to improve in-house documents such as emails, memos, and reports. Ms. Forney will also talk about the “three Cs of effective writing”, which are having a clear message, being concise, and maintaining correct writing in that all the rules of grammar and spelling have been followed.

Business leaders from all over the area, including nearby North Versailles, who feel they need a refresher on business writing are likely to attend this seminar. Organizers of the event will also probably be investing in printing services from local companies to help advertise it; this might include providing products such as flyers or brochures to be distributed in the community, or at the event itself.

The Business Writing Seminar is being held at the Norwin Chamber of Commerce offices tomorrow, November 1, from 8:00 am – 11:00 am. Tickets are $25 for chamber members or $35 for non-members. Call 724-862-0888 for more information.