Newtown Historic Association to host array of artifacts

March 13, 2014 by  

The Newtown Historic Association (NHA) will be hosting an Open House reception later this month at the Half Moon Inn to showcase the historic building and renew interest in the history of Newtown and the surrounding area.

The Open House will consist of tours of the historic Half Moon Inn, along with refreshments. In addition to serving as the headquarters for the Newton Historic Association, the building (built during the 18th century) also serves as a repository for artifacts collected over the course of hundreds of years of history, all displayed for those who wish to see them.

Attendees will also be offered a tour of the research facility (the building also serves as the genealogical center for the county) along with Thornton-Hicks House right next door, upon with rests the locally infamous Hicks Hanging Tavern Sign

The NHA is also hoping to remind those who attend the open house that donations are needed to keep the non-profit organization operating and the Inn open and available to the public. Some historian enthusiasts who attend may wish to visit a print company to have flyers made for advertising both the open house and the Half Moon Inn.

The free Open House will be held this Sunday, March 16, at the Half Moon Inn, 105 Court St. Newtown, 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.