Dine under the stars every Wednesday

April 9, 2012 by  

The 5th annual Dining under the Stars is starting up again on May 2 from 5-11pm. Every Wednesday until September, State Street, ranging from Orange to Jackson, will be closed off and the street will become an open air restaurant.

Many local restaurants will be participating in the event and the stores will be open for business. There will also be live entertainment at the Plum Street Mall. It is a great way to see the downtown area from a unique viewpoint. The event has been named a Best of the Main Line Al Fresco Event by Mainline Today.

The weekly event is also a good way for local stores to show the community what they have to offer and to encourage them to shop in downtown Media. Stores can increase their business during this event by arranging for a flyer printing order. They can design a flyer that will appeal to those who will be attending Dining under the Stars, including a coupon which can be used only on Wednesdays; it could be a discount coupon or for a free sample or product. The stores can gauge the efficiency of their flyer campaign by the number of coupons redeemed, these results could then be used for future marketing campaigns.

Many stores and restaurants, in cities and towns nationwide, are finding it difficult to draw in people during the week. Many people go to work and stop off at larger box stores, never thinking of going downtown or they order in food or pick up something at the takeaway window of their local fast food restaurant. Events like this draw people to downtown Media and show them what they’re missing.