Wild Bird Centers of America expand in Pennsylvania

December 27, 2011 by  

Wild Bird Centers of America has several successful franchises throughout the United States. The stores offer ‘private-label products’ of interest to the birding community. The organization recently announced that they are opening more stores in the Pennsylvania area; there is currently one in McMurray.

The Wild Bird Center of McMurray currently sells various types of birdseed and is currently giving free bird feeders to their loyal customers. Like all Wild Bird Centers they also offer Birdie Bucks, a rewards program in which customers collect points towards a $10 gift certificate. Their website, while quite bare, offers online versions of Backyard Field Guides which are helpful to bird watchers.

The Wild Bird Center of McMurray is quite new. It would be a good idea if they could capitalize on the recent announcement of new stores by working with flyer printers to create excitement about their McMurray location. Offering a money-off coupon on the next order of bird seed would help to build customer loyalty. Direct mail marketing is still one of the most successful forms of marketing and it is very inexpensive to create a simple flyer to send out to the community at large.

Bird watching and bird ownership seems to be growing in the U.S. While most people still prefer dogs or cats, birds have their own fans. Some like to have birds in their homes while others prefer to watch birds in their own natural habitat. Wild Bird Centers of America cater to both of these and seem poised for great success.