Recognize those with good character at the Character Counts awards

March 26, 2012 by  

The Character Counts recognition awards ceremony will take place at the Peters Township Council Chambers on April 19 beginning at 7pm. Nominations are being accepted until March 30.

The Character Counts program is sponsored by several community organizations such as the Peters Township School District and the Peters Township Chamber of Commerce. The programs consists of inspirational education programs and hopes to encourage changes within the community.

The recognition awards are open to any organizations and residents that have shown their commitment to the ideals of responsibility, respect, and honesty. Residents of any age are eligible. Anyone can nominate a person or organization for the award and must list the reasons why they think they qualify.

Winning such an award would be a great thing for any business in McMurray and would no doubt bring them more business or interest in their organization. It would be something that could be added to the next stationery printing order; the fact that they won a Character Counts recognition award is something that should be added to any personalized mail the company sends out.

For an individual to win one of these awards, it is a clear confirmation that being of good character and being the most honest person you can is well worth it. Of course, most of the people who will be recognized are not interested in being seen to be doing good works or being seen to be good citizens in order to win an award; that’s just the way they live their lives.