Get Healthy Advice in McMurray

April 29, 2012 by  

The annual Health Awareness Fair will take place at the WPAHS Outpatient Care Center on May 5. The fair is presented by the McMurray Rotary Club and admission is free.

Those who visit the fair can get nutritional counseling, can take part in a laughter workshop and can try Hoopilates; massage therapy will also be available. There will also be agility and elder care workshops and health organizations will be displaying information about their work. There will also be a booth dedicated to “what’s in a doctor’s bag”. Last year’s fair included an auction by one of the health organizations.

In addition, those who attend the fair can receive free health screenings for blood pressure, bone density, body mass index, glaucoma, hearing and scoliosis; a multiphasic blood test will require a small fee.

McMurray organizations which are health-related will be showcasing their information at the Health Awareness Fair with brochures, signs, posters and flyers obtained from local printing companies. They might also provide a reusable tote bag for guests to place all the literature they will be able to pick up during the day. This will allow people to keep the name of the organization in their minds while the use the bag to do their next grocery shopping.

With an aging population, health awareness is becoming more and more important. Everyone wants to be able to live as healthy and as independent a life as they want for as long as they want; taking care of nutrition, exercise and health will ensure that this becomes a reality.