It’s snow joke in Leechburg as ‘angels’ are on the way

December 6, 2012 by  

Temperatures are dropping and weather experts are starting to put snow into their forecasts. As Leechburg, Pennsylvania and other cities and towns in the Eastern United States start getting ready for winter, Leechburg’s neighbor Pittsburgh has put out a call for ‘Snow Angels’.

The city is not asking residents to make the traditional shapes in the snow, but to help one another when the flakes fly. According to a report published November 27, Pittsburgh has asked for volunteers to help elderly or disabled neighbors with snow removal.

The Snow Angels are part of a program that matches able-bodied volunteers with those neighbors who need help removing snow from their walkways and sidewalks. In order to qualify to have a Snow Angel’s help, the resident must either be over 60 years of age or have a physical disability (or both) and, in either case, have no access to snow removal equipment.

Individuals who want to be Snow Angels can apply for the program, as can community and school groups. Volunteers have 24 hours to remove the snow after it stops falling, unless forecasters say it will melt before the end of the 24-hour period.

Luke Ravenstahl, Pittsburgh’s mayor, said Snow Angels cleared in excess of 27,000 square feet of snow last winter, which was the first year for the program. He stated that Pittsburgh’s excellent neighborhood spirit is the reason for the Snow Angels’ success.

The city might consider getting help from brochure printers to remind residents about the program and its requirements, both for the Snow Angels and for those asking for assistance.