Grow your business at the Business to Business Trade Show

February 22, 2012 by  

The Business to Business Trade Show, presented by the Strongland Chamber of Commerce will take place at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Centre in New Kensington on March 22. Tables can be rented by Chamber members for $100 and can enjoy a buffet lunch.

The trade show is open to the public, however, those who will be displaying their products and services will have the chance to network before the doors open. The trade show will draw Chamber members from all over the area including Leechburg. If you plan to be an exhibitor at this event, make sure you arrange for a new business card printing in advance so you will have plenty to hand out to your fellow business owners and to the general public.

For their rental, members receive access to an 8 foot table display and chairs. Those tables can be used to display business cards, brochures, catalogues, sample products and basically whatever you feel will show your business in the best light. One way to spread the word about your business could be through provided freebies at the trade show; having your company name and/or logo put on a pen, a pencil, a notebook or a mug is a very inexpensive form of advertising. People use all of these things so why not ensure that every time they do use them they see your company name; it is one way to build brand loyalty. Of course, it is up to you to provide the quality products and services to live up to that loyalty.