Fine art provides a fine time for Leechburg residents

October 10, 2012 by  

As of October 6, works by American painter Walter Gay (1856-1937) are being exhibited at the Frick Art & Historical Center in Pittsburgh. Approximately 30 miles from Leechburg, Pennsylvania, residents can reach the center in less than an hour.

Gay’s work focused on the luxurious, opulent homes of the wealthy social elite and collectors in both Europe and the United States, in the period now known as the ‘Gilded Age’. In the United States, this is when industrialists such as Carnegie and Mellon founded their fortunes, and Gay’s paintings take viewers inside these enclaves of privilege and power. The Frick will no doubt have catalog printing done for the exhibit, as well as using brochure printing services to provide takeaway information about the museum itself.

The new exhibition features nearly 70 of Gay’s paintings and other paper-based works, plus additional historical material gathered from other institutions and collections. Bill Bodine, the Frick’s director, notes that the center has three Gay paintings on permanent display, which inspired the museum to exhibit the larger retrospective. Many of the paintings in the exhibit are privately owned and have not been on public display since Gay’s lifetime.

The exhibit, titled “Impressions of Interiors: Gilded age Paintings by Walter Gay,” runs from October 6, 2012 through January 6, 2013. After the exhibit closes at the Frick it will go to the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum, located in Palm Beach, Florida, and will be open from January 29 through April 21, 2013.