Help to promote reading in Lansdale

April 12, 2012 by  

The PennSuburban Chamber of Commerce is presenting the 14th annual Community Reading Day, which will take place on May 8. On that day 110 chamber members will volunteer to read a chosen book to 2nd grade students in area public and private schools. Afterwards the books will be donated to the various school libraries.

The books will be picked up at the Business Card Exchange, which is taking place on April 24 at the North Wales Area Library from 5-7 pm. Books cost $20 and all proceeds will go to the PennSuburban Chamber of Commerce Foundation. In addition to exchanging business cards, members will learn all about the library’s programs such as their Children’s events, their Teen Book Club, other Clubs, Game Nights, and the Library’s Adult Reading Programs. After learning all this information about the library, members from Lansdale can exchange cards at their leisure; a new business card printing order placed in advance will make sure those cards are in pristine shape for the exchange.

These days, with so many distractions such as television, video games and the Internet, many children do not read books. It is important to reach children early to help instil a love of reading; grade two, or age 7 is the perfect age to do that. Children that age still like to be read too. It will also make the volunteers feel good that they are doing something to increase literacy in their community and that the books they donate will be read by many, many more children throughout the years.