View memories of Minidoka at the Erie Art Museum

February 10, 2012 by  

Minidoka on my Mind: Roger Shimomura will be showing at the Erie Art Museum until April 7. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for seniors and students; it is free for museum members and children under six-years-old. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday.

Roger Shimomura is a Japanese-American painter, printmaker and performance artist was born in 1939 and was interred with his family at Camp Minidoka from 1942-1944. The artist was inspired by his grandmother’s diary of those days. The exhibit and the art works he painted about the camp highlights:

“American and Japanese imagery in a commentary on sociopolitical issues, cultural exchange and aesthetics”.

People from all over the area, including nearby Hermitage, who are interested in the subject or just in American art as a while, will be making plans to visit this exhibit before it is gone. Those who work for printing companies can go to study his techniques and to maybe get some inspiration for their own work as well as his illustration of life in an internment camp.

Visitors can also pick up a copy of the book Shadow of Minidoka for $35 which features many of Shimomura’s Minidoka prints and paintings.

The years when the Japanese Americans were interred in camps throughout the country is one that is painful for many; this exhibit might help to soothe some of the pain and will help to education those who have not heard about them to understand how those who lived in those camps felt and survived.