Stoneboro Fair returns for the 146th year

July 10, 2013 by  

The Great Stoneboro Fair has taken place at the end of August for the past 146 years and this year will be no exception. The fair will take place over six days during August and September and will attract visitors from all over the area.

The Stoneboro Fair is partly an agricultural fair; it features livestock and agricultural information. There are also several contests for cash prizes, including 4H and Vocational Horses, together with opportunities to try out harness racing, a demolition derby, and tractor pulls.

In addition, the fair features concerts from artists such as Sammy Kershaw, a midway, food, and business vendors. Other activities include a rabbit show, an elephant show, Bullmania, a milking contest, and fireworks.

Business vendors will be selling and showcasing a variety of products, while some will also be selling official Great Stoneboro Fair souvenirs such as hats and T-shirts. Many of the vendors will probably come from all over the state, including nearby Hermitage, to sell their wares at the fair. Many of them will be working with local printing companies to prepare items such as banners and signs to make their booths stand out from the rest.

The 146th Great Stoneboro Fair will take place at the Stoneboro Fairground from August 28 to September 2. Tickets are $10 each for general admission and a season ticket, which includes rides and paid shows, is $35. For more information on the fair, or to register to take part, call 724-376-2852.