Sponsorship opportunity in Hermitage

December 7, 2011 by  

The Hermitage Athletic Complex is offering sign sponsorship opportunities to local businesses. Local businesses can either purchase a fence banner or a scoreboard sign to be displayed at the two baseball fields at the Complex.

Scoreboard sponsorships are $3,000 for the first year and $1,000 each year after that. A fence banner sponsorship costs $450 per year and will appear on either the upper or lower fences.

Local businesses have long sponsored youth sports teams; they often supply the equipment needed, the uniforms and the costs that come with running a sports team. It is only fitting that sponsorships also be accepted for the scoreboard and the fences surrounding the fields. The business gets a place to prominently promote their products or services and the Complex brings in extra income so that they can support their programs and facilities.

Banners are always a successful form of marketing. Banner printing firms in Hermitage can create a banner based on any criteria put forth by the customer. A successful banner will be one that is eye-catching from a distance with the name of the business prominently displayed in large print.

The Hermitage Athletic Complex just opened in June of 2011, it features 2 youth softball/baseball fields, a soccer/football field, a dugout and food concession stands. It cost $2.5 million to build and the land cost the city $275, 000. It stands to reason that the sponsorship program for signage is one way that the city and the taxpayers can begin to recoup some of that cost.