Monopoly board game starts to resemble Hanover

April 9, 2013 by  

The spaces on the Monopoly game board are very familiar both to those who love the game and those who loathe it. For people in Hanover, the spaces will become even more familiar this summer.

South Western high-school student members of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) are creating their own version of the popular game, using Hanover businesses as the spaces. Tyler Klenk, a sophomore and president of the FBLA club, is organizing the project. Klenk is a lifelong fan of the original game, having learned to play it from his grandfather.

The students in FBLA raised money for Hanoveropoly by contacting local businesses and asking them to donate to the club. Those that donated were given a space on the board. The often coveted Boardwalk space, the most expensive on the board, will be occupied by the Warehime-Myers Mansion. Club members will use the money to attend FBLA conferences at the regional, state, and national level.

The club is not the only beneficiary of the donated money, though – a portion of the amount raised will be given to the American Trauma Society.

Klenk and his fellow club members have been busy planning the game, and perhaps the club can enlist the help of a Hanover printing company to design and lay out the game board.

The plan is to start pre-sales of the game by the middle of this month, with each game costing $25. Hanoveropoly will be available to take home by June, in honor of the town’s 250th anniversary.