Local schools get visits from Hanover firefighters

October 16, 2012 by  

The first week of October is National Fire Prevention Week. To promote fire safety and prevention, Hanover firefighters visited local schools on Thursday, October 11.

The theme of Fire Prevention Week for 2012 is ‘two ways out’. The Hanover firefighters used a fun analogy to help elementary school students understand what that means. Rabbits played a critical role in the assemblies on Thursday. Fire caption Chuck Amspacher pointed out to the students that bunnies always have two ways to get out of their burrows.

Amspacher encouraged the students to also identify two ways to exit their homes, school, and other buildings in case of a fire. The firefighters also taught the students to plan on having a safe meeting place after they do get out of the building in the event of a fire.

The firefighters’ presentation combined entertaining antics with important information. The firefighters stood on stage at the schools alongside Helmet – a seven-foot tall Dalmation mascot. It appears the fire company made use of Hanover banner printing, as a colorful banner hung across the back of the stage.

A rabbit-in-a-hat magic trick was performed to show students how important it is to be in a spot where people can find them in case of a fire. While the bunny was supposed to be in the hat, it was actually driving around on a remote controlled car, which delighted the younger students.

The students also got to see fire trucks up close after the assembly. Ampsacher hopes that the students are able to take what they learned in the assembly home to their families.