Light-up map of Gettysburg finds new life in Hanover

September 21, 2012 by  

A large, electric map of the Battle of Gettysburg sits in an unnamed storage facility in York County, PA. The map was originally headed to the scrap pile, but was saved by a Hanover man, Scott Roland, for a mere $14,010 at auction last week.

The map was first built and displayed in 1963 in the visitor’s center at Gettysburg, in honor of the battle’s 100-year anniversary. It was moved to storage in 2008 after the National Parks Service built a new visitors’ center. Parks Service officials were wary about displaying the map due to asbestos in its plaster coating.

When put together, the map weighs over 12 tons and measures 30’ x 30’. The Park Service had to cut the map into four separate pieces to fit into four shipping containers in its current location. The map shows how the Confederate and Union army moved during the three-day battle.

Roland, a developer in Hanover, has grand plans for the map. Although it is in four pieces, it is in good enough condition to be easily transporting from the storage facility to Hanover. Roland intends to display the map in the Wachovia Building on Carlisle Street, have purchased the building in May.

Roland does not yet have a clear time frame on how long it will take to move and set up the map but it is estimated that the entire project will cost upwards of $100,000. Once the map is set up, Roland might consider using Hanover-based postcard printing to let the town’s residents and history buffs know of its completion.